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The Retreat

Cruising is not new these days.  Most of our cruisers have cruised often.  The difference in sailing with Girlville is the experience of being renewed spiritually as well as physically!  All that the ship offers falls flat when compared to the fellowship and fun we have when we meet.  The spiritual food and drink is beyond that of any other conference out there!  "Revive," in the truest sense of the word, is what sailing with Girlville does for your soul.  You will not regret the bonus of adding God's presence to your vacation retreat on the high seas!  Plus, we will be intentional about ministering and engaging the folks with whom we come in contact. 

One of the most gifted and extraordinary singer / speakers in Christian music today, Kim combines the best of innovative musical sound with the ability to captivate an audience through humorous, yet touching stories. Kim's relationship to the Lord is palpable and her talent and energy know no limit. 

Lindsay Huggins is a highly sought-after worship leader and recording artist. Her music mirrors her personality. It is vivacious, joyful and relentlessly enthusiastic while speaking with honesty and vulnerability about life as it is. And about life as it should be. She holds a Music Business degree from Trevecca Nazarene University and spent five years working for country music superstar Reba McEntire. 

I have a God-given passion for encouraging women. It definitely wasn’t my idea and I certainly don’t have it all together. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that my spiritual life is special because sometimes I stand on a stage and talk about Jesus. I’m still pretty much winging it every single day. But, what I try to do is be honest about my real life and my real faith. I share from my heart the life experiences I’ve gained from over 35 years of ministry, marriage, and parenting in hopes of giving other women a hand up and glimpse of the awesome God I serve.

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Forget your problems with Tracy DeGraaf’s LOL hilarious comedy. Her show "Life Happens Laugh Anyway" takes you through the seasons of a woman's life from getting married and having kids to gaining weight and growing a beard! You’ll laugh ‘til it hurts and be inspired to grow in your faith.


This peppy redhead wins audience chuckles with stories of chasing her daughters with a fly swatter, her dislike of cooking (“My family always knows when dinner is ready because the smoke alarm goes off!”), and the trials of hormonal ups and downs. She sings about balancing the checkbook, hot flashes and God’s love. She has been called by a pastor the “Carol Burnett of Christian Entertainment.”

Kay is also a talented artist and will offer an alcohol ink painting class onboard!

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